Darren T. Duerksen, Christ-Followers in Other Religions: The Global Witness of Insider Movements


  • Ivan Satyavrata


One of the greatest merits of Duerksen’s work is the awareness it raises regarding the potential of Christ-ward movements to draw people to Christ in the postcolonial era. At the heart of this book’s project is an attempt to help us investigate more closely the tension inherent in identity struggles of “insider Christ-followers”—people of other faiths who decide to follow Christ yet choose to remain within their religious communities instead of identifying with the mainstream established Church. Duerksen’s posture is one of respectful listening and learning how God might be at work within these movements and how the understanding of “outsiders” regarding mission, revelation, and the gospel could be enriched. This rare posture of humility in academic enquiry is a refreshing and admirable quality of his approach and runs right through every stage of his treatment.

Author Biography

Ivan Satyavrata

Pastor Emeritus, The Assembly of God Church, Kolkata; Board Chair, World Vision International





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