Emma Wild-Wood, The Mission of Apolo Kivebulaya: Religious Encounter & Social Change in the Great Lakes c.1865-1935


  • Andrew Ndegwa Africa International University


Written by Prof. Emma Wild-Wood, this book is a comprehensive historical analysis of the life of Apolo Kivebulaya, a Ugandan Anglican Christian who dedicated his life to being a missionary in what is now Western Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With Kivebulaya as the protagonist, Prof. Wild-Wood uses biography to expertly map out the rapid political, social, and religious changes that took place in the interlacustrine region of Uganda and Eastern DRC in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This book is both an example and an inspiration to continue searching for and telling the untold stories of how God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways to reveal himself to the world.

Author Biography

Andrew Ndegwa, Africa International University

PhD student of World Christianity





Review & Preview