Pioneering Precision and Transparency in Mission Work


  • Dwight Martin Association of Free Churches in Thailand


In the realm of mission work, the challenge of acquiring precise data is a constant struggle. This difficulty often leads to a profusion of figures being disseminated, which may lack specificity and clarity. Such ambiguity can result in stakeholders viewing the data with skepticism, a situation that could damage the mission organization’s reputation. Therefore, data accuracy and transparency are paramount for effective mission work and for maintaining the integrity of our faith-based endeavors. / The Harvest Church Database and KapTrack are innovative tools designed to enhance the accuracy and clarity of mission work data. Harvest provides a clear snapshot of the Body of Christ’s status across various geographical and church organizational structures. On the other hand, KapTrack is a multifaceted tool proficient in gathering data for diverse applications, such as tracking metrics on believers and churches, conducting surveys, monitoring resource usage, facilitating research, and tracking progress towards ministry goals. It also enables the creation of custom report dashboards, offering a more intuitive understanding and visualization of this data. / These tools are committed to preserving the integrity of faith-based endeavors by ensuring data accuracy and transparency. They serve as a beacon of trust and reliability in the mission field, illuminating the path towards a more informed and effective outreach.

Author Biography

Dwight Martin, Association of Free Churches in Thailand

President; eSTAR Foundation, Founding Director; C&MA Global Professionals Member


2024-01-22 — Updated on 2024-01-23




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