Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 1 (2003)

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Critiquing the Method of Traditional Western Theology and Calling for Sino-Theology

Enoch Wan


The third article in a series is a transitional piece related to "the challenge of" and "the change for" contextualization for contemporary Chinese. Theology is foundational to Christian faith and practice; just as worldview of a certain cultural tradition is foundational to group members’ belief and practice.  Therefore “contextualized Chinese theology” (i.e. “Sino-theology” or “ST”) is essential to further discussion on practical contextualization.  A critique of the method of “Traditional Western Theology” (TWT) is offered in this article from a Chinese perspective and a call is issued for the formulation of ST specifically for the contemporary Chinese Christian.  Critique of the either/or cognitive pattern in TWT is offered to show the necessity of formulating ST.  Since the both/and pattern is the cultural theme of the Chinese, it is both right and good to employ it in the formulation of ST.